Building basic jewelry wardrobe


What jewelry is the most relevant and universal today? How can you complement absolutely any casual look?

Building basic jewelry wardrobe

What jewelry is the most relevant and universal today? How can you complement absolutely any casual look? Most likely, a chic ring with large stones or pendant earrings can not help in this situation (although it is up to everyone to decide what to wear every day). Basic jewelry is something that a person must choose themselves. It is primarily about a personal style, vision of beauty and relevance.

Every one of us has their own lifestyle: one person spends the whole day playing with a child in the sandbox, while the other can be in a hurry for a business meeting — but they both want to look their best.

It is the jewelry that forms the basis of your basic wardrobe that can be considered a real investment in your image. When collecting your own jewelry wardrobe, stick to the main rule: less is more. Let there be fewer things, but all of high quality, stylish and suitable for your style and complexion.


This type of earrings is definitely a staple piece: it suits absolutely everyone and will be appropriate in any situation, whether it's a walk in the park, a dinner party, or a romantic date. The choice of designs is simply huge: studs can have pearls or diamonds, or even no inserts.

Pro tip: look out for pearl earrings. This amazing stone will never go out of fashion and has a rejuvenating effect: if it matches the complexion, its silky shine can make the skin glow. There are at least a hundred shades of natural pearls so that special attention must be paid to it when choosing a jewelry

A thin necklace or a miniature pendant

To attract attention to your decollete area, use an elegant necklace: combine several necklaces at once or choose only one, but ultra-stylish. Take a closer look at the minimalistic necklace on an invisible string: it seems that the tiny crystal pendant is literally floating in the air, resembling a trendy microdermal piercing.

This type of jewelry can be worn all day long, supplemented, if necessary, with more noticeable products like a choker. In almost any situation, a cross-shaped pendant or a small teardrop-shaped pendant will be appropriate.

you are the mirror
of the divine beauty

Ring: one in a concise design or a thin rings set

When choosing a casual ring, follow the following rules:

  • the ring must be comfortable and must not cling to clothes
  • the ring should match any nail design
  • the shade of its metal must be different from the one that prevails in your accessories

Thus, the most ideal options would be a ring without inserts or a channel setting ring, with stones set along a track between two walls of metal.

All jewelry from the LIQUIDand ICONIC collections is made of silver, has no inserts and can be perfectly combined with each other.

Pavé rings and eternity rings are gaining popularity and are intended to combine them with jewelry in more unusual and complex designs.

Bracelet: cuffs or chain

The most popular models of bracelets today are cuff bracelets and thin chain bracelets. They can be easily combined with wristwatches and trendy rings.

In ancient times, metal bracelets had the form of a wristband made of precious metal. They were an integral part of both the female and male images. The ancient Egyptians and Romans wore many thin metal bracelets worn on their shoulders and wrists. At the moment, such bangle bracelets are made in an antique design or with minimalistic aesthetics.

Small size hoops

XXL size hoops are not suitable for every type of face shape and will not always be appropriate and convenient in the autumn/winter season. Small hoops of medium and small diameter will become a comfortable and stylish base for casual wear. Pay special attention to the thickened, bagel-shaped models of hoops, that will look great paired with piercings.


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