A brilliant investment


В условиях сегодняшней нестабильной экономической ситуации многие начинают искать способы сохранить свои сбережения и все чаще выбирают драгоценности. Цены на золото растут буквально с каждым днем, а украшения из этого благородного металла становятся настоящей инвестицией.

A brilliant investment: reasons behind buying GOLD jewelry for PROFIT

In today's unstable economic situation, many people are searching for ways to save their money, and for that matter more and more of them are choosing jewelry.

Price for gold is rising literally every day, and jewelry made of this precious metal can become a real investment.

Why is the cost per gram of gold only increasing?

The reason is that investments in this metal perfectly protect one's earnings against inflation since gold becomes more expensive regardless of the cost of living. Usually, when people see that their country's currency is devaluing, they try to sell it, either exchanging it for more reliable currencies or immediately investing in gold to save earnings.

The second important factor affecting the price of gold is that the global gold extraction rate always practically stays the same, and the annual increase in extracted real gold is slightly more than 1%.

Gold itself is what the reserves of the world's central banks mainly consist of, and banks are very reluctant to sell bullions to their clients. According to the laws of the market, when there is demand for a product, but there is not enough supply, the price rises, and this is what happens with gold.


What do you need to know about gold trends in this season?

Surely we all miss the feminine and tender looks. And there is the emerging trend for warmer shades of gold: today the yellow, pink, and red shades of gold are more relevant than ever, the steel shade of the white alloy has somewhat lost its position. But do not forget about the bicolor jewelry trend so beloved by many. It's when the design combines 2 shades of metal at once.

Today, jewelry without stones and minimalistic gold jewelry with small stones remain incredibly popular. The main stylish feature of all trendy gold jewelry this season is their conciseness and restraint, it is these accessories that we would recommend for everyday wear.


For more festive venues,

pay attention to gold products with large stones: topaz, citrines, rubies, amethysts…

Choose the stone that best accentuates the color of your eyes. Emerald, chrysolite and smoky quartz are ideal for green-eyed beauties; aquamarine, blue topaz and sapphire will be the best choice for blue eyes; the brown shade of the eyes will be enhanced by citrine and amber; and the noble tone of gray eyes will be elegantly combined with rubies, amethysts and turquoise.

Gold has always been, is and will be in fashion – so why not invest your savings in products made of it?


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