What best emphasizes the features of a Summer Girl and what mistakes should she avoid when creating her image?

Summer color type is that color type that is the most common in Russia. People often underestimate this type: Summer girls attepmt to give contrast to their appearance and do not appreciate the delicate beauty that nature has awarded them. They dye hair dark shades, put too bright makeup and choose clothes of non-complimentary shades.

What best emphasizes the features of a Summer Girl and what mistakes should she avoid when creating her image?

How to understand that you belong to this type?

THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTICS of this type are lack of contrast in hair and complexion, and cold, muted skin undertones. The perfect word that best describes Summer girls is "delicacy". Dusty colors are a distinguishable feature of Summer color type: they are matte, discreet, restrained, as if bleached or faded in the sun. Winter girls have a very high contrast eyes, hair and skin, which makes their appearance incredibly bright and fatal. Summer girls, however, do not have such a noticeable difference in colors: their beauty is easy to be overlooked, but their delicate features make people fall in love with them. The Summer color type is not as bright and warm as the Spring one, and not as warm and deep as the Autumn one. It is this appearance that Turgenev lovingly described in his works.

Hair color: the natural shade varies from light brown to chestnut. An important point: it is always with a cold undertone. Summer girl's hair can acquire a golden hue only when it fades in the sun.

Skin color: most often it is with a gray or olive undertone, veins have a bluish or greenish tint. Less often, skin is pink or pale porcelain color.

Eye color:can be blue, dull blue, light gray, dark gray, dull green, bright blue and even with brown flecks

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What shades are suitable and what should be avoided

The Summer girl style is all about with cold and complex shades of clothing: avoid bright white or black, choose ivory and dark gray as an alternative. Dusty blue, pale purple, and mint colors will reveal the natural beauty of this type.

A win-win option for Summer color type will be a calm monochrome look in any pastel shade. Be careful with using acid and neon colors: they can only be used in accessories.

Prints and patterns should not be too large and too graphic, a small stripe or a fancy floral motif is the ideal solution.

Airy translucent fabrics, delicate lace inserts and soft elegant draperies seem to be specially created for this color type. Delicate chiffon, matte silk, velvet, and cashmere are ideal for a Summer girl's wardrobe.

What jewelry to choose?

Silver and white gold are much more suitable for the Summer color type than precious metals of warm shades. Girls of this type can choose jewelry without inserts and make their own stylish combinations

Pearls are the best stone for this color type. How to wear pearl jewelry correctly, you can learn from the article

Amethysts: their gentle lavender shade will highlight the delicate beauty of the Summer type.

Diamonds in white gold: it is a perfect option for a casual look or for special occasions. Choose jewelry in minimalistic design: no too chunky or intricate pieces.


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