Bright and mysterious, indomitable and gentle, Autumn Girl seems to be born to wear exciting animal prints, the most delicious colors and the most "wild" jewelry made of wood, amber and leather.

How to determine that you belong to the Autumn color type?

In general, the appearance of Autumn girls can be described as warm and high contrast. Typical representatives of this color type are Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and Mylene Farmer.

Analyze your appearance:

Hair — can be red, brown, or dark brown with golden iridescences Eyes — can be green, brown, dark blue, honey or walnut shade. Skin — has a warm undertone, often with freckles; it is thicker than the Spring girl's.

If this description fits together, consider yourself the owner of a spectacular Autumn color type. What rules to follow when choosing a wardrobe and how to emphasize Autumn's natural features?

We have prepared simple but effective tips for you:

The perfect palette

Autumn girls' color scheme is something everybody dreams of: warm shades, earthy colors, and golden nuances filled with light. Delicious shades of caramel, ripe pear, bitter chocolate, and all the colors of autumn foliage are ideal for a girl of this color type. Natural colors reveal her beauty, while neon and blatant colors will look flat and cheap.

What suits an Autumn girl?

Cozy feminine outfits — that's what you should focus on. Linen, wool, cashmere, semi-fitting silhouettes and brands such as Loro Piana, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren and Brunello Cucinelli are the perfect choice for an Autumn girl. Get inspired by luxury clothes collections and look for similar things in lower segments brands.

Also pay attention to:

Large scale prints Blurry prints Geometry Asymmetric cut


Too formal clothes Too feminine outfits


Do not go too far with makeup: no dense tone and saturated smoky eyes. Do a winged liner with a dark brown pencil and put on a little bronzer to emphasize your soft image.

The main tool in your cosmetic bag should be a bronzer.


Here we have come to the most interesting thing: how to correctly place accents? Which stone is best for an Autumn girl?

The answer lies on the surface: for this type, jewelry from yellow gold and with stones of warm tones are perfect. Jewelry in silver does not look as impressive on an Autumn Girl as gold.

1) Sunny amber from the shores of the Baltic Sea will enhance the color of the eyes and emphasize the warm golden highlights of hair. Shades of amber from light honey to rich cognac are the best palette for an Autumn girl.

2) Smoky quartz will be the perfect companion for your autumn outfits and will advantageously set off the warm skin tone. Its chocolate color will add warmth and comfort to any outfit.

3) Noble burgundy garnet is a stone created for girls who prefer classics and status jewelry.

4) Bright citrine seems to have been created by nature itself especially for an Autumn girl: jewelry with this stone look like particles of summer, bright and playful.

5) Accessories from natural wood and leather will reveal the natural beauty of the Autumn type and will be the best addition to both ethnic and boho outfits.

Do not hide your beauty behind heavy makeup, perfect hair-to-hair styling and flashy clothes: be yourself, but pay attention to stylish accents.


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