Perhaps the main trend of the 2021/2022 autumn-winter season is space-inspired clothing and accessories.

Perhaps the main trend of the 2021/2022 autumn-winter season is space-inspired clothing and accessories.

Back in the 60s, when intergalactic travel and flights to Mars was an incredibly popular topic, famous fashion designers turned their eyes to distant stars and created stunning looks in a futuristic style. The famous couturier Paco Rabanne once said, "The ideal girl lives on another planet". In 1965, a model in a real space suit appeared on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine, symbolizing the image of a new woman who can conquer any summit.

The triumphant return of the Space Age to fashion happened with the first serious successes in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics in the 90s. Thierry Mugler has created a stunning jumpsuit for a female android, combining the traditions of Paris Haute Couture with the atmosphere of a space odyssey. Alexander McQueen came up with a microchip leotard for the fashion house Givenchy.

Today, when Elon Musk is talking about private flights to other planets, many mass-market stores have caught up on the space hype, decorating T-shirts and sweatshirts with the NASA logo.

This season, luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and others, have presented looks at their shows with elements borrowed from popular books and films about space exploration and the near future of humanity. Robot bags, military shoes, suits with unusual silhouettes instantly teleport us on the pages of books in the space science fiction genre.

If such experiments with style seem like too much, embrace the space trend little by little: it is enough to complement the outfit with a pair of stylish futuristic jewelry so that it sparkles with new colors.

Space-themed jewelry is interesting to look at, touch and even just have in your box. It is able to surprise you with unusual shapes and otherness from the classic products we are familiar with. Accessories in the space style are the choice of rebel souls and extravagant people who are eager to experiment and are not afraid to try on new unfamiliar images.


Star-shaped accessories will never go out of fashion and always look very fresh and playful. You can choose both more formal models made of silver, and products studded with crystals.

Black and white movies

A consistently relevant and stylish combination for all times. Duality is present in all spheres of our life, take, for example, the first law of dialectics about the unity and struggle of opposites: we divide the world around us into two parts, dark and light. Jewelry with black and white stones is always a little mysterious and attractive…


If you think that star-shaped jewelry interprets the space fashion trend too literally, we suggest you pay attention to the original abstract design: the streamlined shape and the absence of abundant decorative elements make these accessories incredibly relevant in the era of stylish minimalism. Stunning accessories from the Beavers jewelry brand deserve special attention: each product is unique and inimitable.


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