Time Machine: vintage-style jewelry


Retro style is always about the most unusual, exclusive and memorable things with a special features and its own unique character.

Time Machine: vintage-style jewelry

"Love art in yourself, not yourself in art" — Konstantin Stanislavsky

Vintage and retro-style jewelry is a trend that will stay with us forever, only gaining momentum with time. That is a fact that today's fashion tends to slow down. In place of constantly changing fast fashion trends, there comes a craving for something unique, authentic, designer-made. Retro style is always about the most unusual, exclusive and memorable things with a special features and its own unique character.

Jewelry resembling family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation and stored in an elegant casket, bring a sense of celebration into our lives and seem to whisper: shine, shine, because today is definitely your day! They may be pretentious or even pompous, but they will definitely not be boring and trivial. They seem to contain the atmosphere of an era long bygone, someone's memories, and a subtle taste of aristocracy.

The main thing is to remember one stylish rule: you should not combine such jewelry with retro-style clothes, so that the image does not look overly dramatical. On the contrary, it is better to mix jewelry in vintage style with the trendiest things or with casual outfits.

The Pandora — collection is a real triumph of figurative art and impeccable jewelry craftsmanship. The design of each necklace is unique and takes us into the world of magical fantasies and distant travels to somewhere unknown.

Necklaces from the amazing Pandora collection are incredibly self-sufficient and do not need pairing with other elements of the image. A minimalistic background will serve as the blank canvas on which the artistic plot contained in the design of the decoration will unfold. A basic white shirt, a translucent chiffon blouse in a cream shade, or a flying dress in a pastel color scheme will be the perfect match for any of these necklaces.



The masters let their imagination run away with this jewelry to create real works of art. The entire collection can be divided into 2 parts: the first is made in an ethnic style, while the second is more feminine, refined, and will appeal to all lovers of antique trinkets and vintage accessories. Such extravagant jewelry will make your image unique and will attract the admiring glances. All the necklaces are custom made from brass and natural amber, the warm shimmers of which are truly fascinating.

Stylish life hack: if you don't know what to combine such jewelry with, then feel free to wear them with a vest, a white T-shirt or even a denim jacket. Play on the contrast of styles. It's quite simple: they all simplify any decoration well and serve as an excellent background for it.

This series of spectacular silver jewelry with large amber inserts will certainly add a special charm to your image and make it more aristocratic and bohemian.

Victorian England, cozy antique shops, patterned jewelry boxes, lace gloves and novels by Alexandre Dumas…

What do you see in the design of these spectacular jewelry? We are sure that everyone will see something of their own in it…

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