The Sparkling collection


Please welcome the a new collection from the ifamore brand.

The Sparkling collection

Creating beauty to cure the soul

Today, when there is uncertainty all around us, and world events replace each other at the speed of light, it is beauty that can become a real cure for anxiety. Try to switch your attention to those things that previously escaped your sight: the rays of the setting sun, the spring awakening of nature, the trills of birds and the very feeling of approaching summer …

Yes, we all want to close our eyes, creating a border between us and everything that is happening around. There might be no desire to wear anything but a black hoodie and wide sweatpants, but what's the point? What if we try to turn every day into a holiday?

The summer of 2022 has literally stunned us with a scattering of bright colors: girls with colorful beaded accessories flashed in Instagram and glossy magazines. Today, a more casual version of bead jewelry looks much more appropriate.

Bicolor accessories are a feature not only of this collection, but also of the ifamore brand as a whole. Such jewelry perfectly combines with each other, as well as with any jewelry from your jewelry box. In the Sparkling series there are not only two-tone, but also three-color products: a mix of lemon and rose gold with silver looks fresh and original, but at the same time elegant and feminine.

welcome the SPARKLING - a new collection from the ifamore brand

The Sparkling collection is champagne bubbles in an elegant glass, it is charming sparklers, it is a sense of celebration at every moment of your life....
Bright, but at the same time exquisite accessories from this series combine simplicity and showiness in their design. The necklace, earrings and rings are made in three shades: silver, lemon gilt and rose gold. These silver accessories seem to consist of miniature beads with an unusual texture. They will add a touch of playfulness and will sparkle, complementing your elegant business suit or even a relaxed casual outfit.

This collection is a great alternative to beaded jewelry, which looks somewhat infantile and had time to get everyone bored in the last spring and summer season.

In summer, pay special attention to products covered with lemon gilding: it accentuates a tan perfectly.

Today, bead jewelry can be worn not only with boho and other urban looks, but even with office outfits and cocktail dresses. There is only one rule: keep them few. Although, if eternal spring reigns in your soul and you have impeccable taste and sense of style, then why restrain yourself with someone's recommendations?

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