Top Trend: Asia. Japandi Motifs


The most popular style today is Japandi (from 'Japan' + 'Skandi'). It is a hybrid of Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism, Nordic practicality and Asian traditions.

Top Trend: Asia
Japandi Motifs

Today, more than ever, we all want to slow down and to rest, to be in the moment, at one with ourselves and in harmony with the surrounding reality. The world events of recent years have left a certain imprint on our rhythm of life and the choice of what we want to surround ourselves with: people prefer to live in bright, calm interiors, wear clothes made of natural materials, and choose the simplest and most healthy food.

The most popular style today is Japandi (from 'Japan' + 'Skandi'). It is a hybrid of Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism, Nordic practicality and Asian traditions; it is the perfect balance between comfort and tranquility, which are now appreciated all over the world.

The oriental trend has captured not only the sphere of interior design, but also the fashion industry. This is not the first time there is such an increase in the popularity of the oriental style. Elements of this trend were used by such world-famous couturiers as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others. Today, oriental motifs can be traced in the collections of fashion houses Valentino and Olivia Von Hall with their pajamas, referring to traditional kimonos, as well as in the choice of natural color palette and natural materials by brands such as OYSHO and Massimo Dutti.

What features mark the oriental style in clothing?

  • Use of natural fabrics — linen, cotton, silk, chiffon, and satin
  • Muted colors or contrasting combinations of the main oriental colors — red, gold, black, white and blue
  • Certain fashions — tunic dresses, qipao blouses, ankle-length trousers, kimonos, and floor-length dresses
  • Embroidery or prints — floral or botanical motifs, hieroglyphs, and oriental symbols are the most popular choices

Jewelry plays a very special role in the oriental style. Every detail is well-considered: one element perfectly complements another…

The most popular types of Asian-style jewelry:

Natural wood jewelry

The 21st century is the era of artificial materials: we wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics, we drink from plastic cups, order furniture made of fiberboard, imitating a natural solid oak, and build houses made of concrete. That's why things made of natural materials that emphasize the connection between man and nature, dilute the gloomy industrial landscape, become more and more in demand and desirable with every year.

Natural wood is just perfect for creating decorations in the ethno style.

For the first time in modern fashion, sets of wooden jewelry appeared in the collections of the famous Coco Chanel. The world of high fashion quickly picked up this innovation and turned it into one of the main trends of that time.

Boho accessories are still popular today. They are subconsciously associated with reliability, safety, something warm and intimate.

Natural leather jewelry

Leather, especially in combination with natural stones, is a kind of demonstration of your wild nature, a manifesto of a passionate personality. Leather products will always stay relevant and add a touch of audacity to any image.

Amber jewelry

This stone is incredibly popular in Asian countries, and Chinese interest in amber is so high that the non-precious mineral is already considered semi-precious. The 'sunstone' is in great fashion among the Chinese: beads, rosaries, amulets, wedding accessories and intricate decorations for decor are being made from it. In China, amber is even called "northern gold", and is endowed with magical magical properties.

Interesting fact: the ancient word for "amber" translates from Chinese as "tiger soul", because in the Middle Kingdom it was believed that after the death of a tiger, his soul goes into the ground and turns into amber. Year 2022 is the year of the Tiger, and jewelry with Baltic amber is more relevant than ever.

One-of-a-kind design

Geometry, futurism, sculptural elements and even a slight touch of avant-garde hit home in oriental images. This eye-catching jewelry is created for those girls who are absolutely sure of their choices in life and are able to follow the boldest paths.


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