7 life hacks: how to look expensive without spending too much?


It seems that everyone around got into stretched tracksuits, while you refuse to get used to the quarantine and lockdowns and want to look presentable. How to look expensive without sinking a fortune into clothes and jewelry? What is crucial to pay attention to when creating an image?


perfect fit and cut

Luxury brands differ from the mass market primarily by ideal templates and precision in every detail. If the item bought in, let's say, H&M does not fit, take it to the atelier so that the master will adjust the purchase to your individual parameters.

You can try to purchase custom clothes: individual tailoring saves time that is usually spent searching for the perfect dress or jacket in stores. The standard patterns of mass-market brands usually do not take into account the individual features of different bodies.

monochrome combinations of shades

Which colors are unconsciously perceived as more expensive and high-status? Most likely, all shades of neutral colors come to mind: dark blue, caramel brown, beige, ivory and classic black. To make the image look as concise, complete and elegant as possible, use a neutral palette.

Monochrome is an important tool for creating an image. It looks most impressive in the cold season, when your look usually consists of several layers of different color shades.

natural fabrics

Silk, wool, cashmere, satin, brocade and linen look much more spectacular than polyester and spandex, and also add to tactile sensations and comfort in wearing.

tied up hair

Obviously, the smoother, shinier and healthier your hair looks, the more expensive and elegant your image is. Undyed roots or negligent hair styling will clearly not work for your benefit.

natural makeup

Nowadays, the so-called "nude" makeup is considered the most relevant and expensive. False eyelashes or eyelashes covered in 10 layers of mascara, too shimmery shadows, lips covered with dense matte lipstick, and too obvious contouring are obsolete and 10 years late. A heavy foundation can hide some flaws, but it also cloaks the natural glow of your skin, so it is better to replace it with a light BB cream; also replace bronzer and sculptor with blush, the color of which is close to the natural shade of your blush.

structural elements

It is a fact that the trend today dictates to wear relaxed outfits, but if you choose a soft knitted oversize suit, a cozy wool coat and a long scarf, always complement this ensemble with a stiff bag. Let at least one style-forming element of the outfit be strict, somewhat geometric and structured. It can be anything: high jockey boots made of tough leather, a jacket with straight shoulder pads, a wide belt, a frame bag…

trendy accessories

These accents will be the final flourish, add shine and grooming, and make the image more complex and thoughtful.

asymmetry: for those who are not afraid of bold decisions

bicolor: he combination of different metal shades is no longer just a trend — it is a new jewelry classic

transformables: multifunctional jewelry for practical people

signet rings:rigns that seem to be taken from a man's wardrobe

yellow gemstones: or those who finds usual cubic zirconia and white diamonds too basic

lemon gilding:bright, glossy, and perfect for creating accents


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