The mysterious charm of black diamonds

Diamond is always about luxury, status and wealth, and black diamonds are luxury squared.


Ifamore bestsellers: your choice

We have collected for you the most stylish and versatile, the most memorable models from the brand ifamore. They are definitely worth paying attention to. These are the jewelry that you buy most often, and we know exactly why.


Caught in a Bind: Bold New Arrival from Ifamore

The ifamore brand took on a stylish experiment and created something special. Be not afraid to try new things — look at your jewelry arsenal from a different angle, embrace freedom and the changes. main ifamore more...


Eternal beauty: Herbarium of Tatiana Polyakova

A magnificent armful of flowers is the main metaphor of female beauty... And it is quite delightful to know that there are bouquets that will never fade. The Russian Gems brand has created precious flower brooches in an exclusive design by Tatiana Polyakova. These original jewelry pieces from the Tatiana Polyakova’s Herbarium series definitely deserve...


Top 9 most powerful minerals that attract good luck

Each mineral is charged with its own special energy and can change people’s lives. We know which stones bring love, money, and luck, so you can wear them in the form of a ring, a pendant or just in the pocket of a bag.


Top 3 summer jewelry pieces that will always stay in fashion

Let's see which warm seasons styles will never lose their relevance. Safari and boho styles fit perfectly into any summer wardrobe...


The style and aesthetics of old money: the modest charm of the bourgeoisie

What is it — the sensational Old Money trend? You've surely heard about it on social media and come across old money aesthetics pictures on Pinterest? Blog Main the style and aesthetics of old money: the modest charm of the bourgeoisie...


The sacred meaning of women's jewelry: how to enhance inner femininity

Have you ever wondered why women need jewelry? To this day, in many Eastern countries like India, Thailand, and China, it is customary to decorate yourself with beads, bracelets, earrings and ribbons literally every day. The sacred meaning of women's jewelry how to enhance...


Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon: fantasy style or fairy tale in everyday life

Elements of the fantasy style have also penetrated into the fashion world: it-girls have been wearing long fur coats, corset tops made of leather, lace gloves and dresses with open shoulders for many seasons, and in 2023 a maxi skirt will become one of the main trends. This season, such references to the fantasy style have broken out the boundaries of a...


The New Gothic: The Secret to the Popularity of the Wednesday Series.

Interesting fact: in the last couple of years, the number of searches on Goth fashion has risen more than 20 percent. On the wave of the global Goth trend, people are buying chokers, satin platform shoes, horned headbands and fishnet tights. New Gothic: Why the Wednesday TV Show Is So Popular...


Festive season: best gift ideas for your near and dear ones

The very spirit of Christmas and the atmosphere of the holiday are encapsulated in the design of our jewelry pieces! Festive Season: best gift ideas for your near and dear ones Under $50 Under $100 Under $300 Gift Cards Diamonds...


3 main colors of the Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 season

Fashion experts of the Pantone Color Institute have already announced the main colors of the upcoming AW season. The sensational soft and girlish lilac Very Pery and Ultramarine Blue are gradually replaced by calming natural shades


It's all about sex! Sapsana and the city

SEX AND THE CITY. Almost everyone has watched this cult series. Its main highlight was memorable and so different images of Kerry, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. What jewelry would they choose for their wardrobes today?


Yellow stones: the secret of appeal

Even at the dawn of civilization, in ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire, yellow gems were associated with life-giving powers. From a psychological point of view, yellow is considered to be a symbol of optimism and vigor, associated with the energy of the sun and youth, as well as a sense of confidence and well-being.


The Sparkling collection

The Sparkling collection is champagne bubbles in an elegant glass, it is charming sparklers, it is a sense of celebration at every moment of your life....

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