Is there anyone who remained indifferent to Trinity from The Matrix by the Wachowski sisters? As may know, there are a lot of references to biblical scripture in the Matrix trilogy: the names of the characters are not chosen by chance, and the movies are literally stuffed with symbols and signs that are not noticeable at the first viewing.


How to remain true to oneself, and what it has to do with jewelry

Each of us can combine several qualities, roles and even personalities at once: we can be soft, but have a firm sturdy frame; be active, but be able to relax and switch from work to rest, take responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones, while leaving part of it to men. The key to success lies precisely in the notorious ability to find a balance.


Work wife

American large city dwellers have the term "work wife". What's a work spouse?


Time Machine: vintage-style jewelry

Retro style is always about the most unusual, exclusive and memorable things with a special features and its own unique character. Time Machine: vintage-style jewelry "Love art in yourself, not yourself in art" — Konstantin Stanislavsky Vintage and retro-style jewelry is a trend that will stay...


7 life hacks: how to look expensive without spending too much?

It seems that everyone around got into stretched tracksuits, while you refuse to get used to the quarantine and lockdowns and want to look presentable. How to look expensive without sinking a fortune into clothes and jewelry? What is crucial to pay attention to when creating an image?


Top Trend: Asia. Japandi Motifs

The most popular style today is Japandi (from 'Japan' + 'Skandi'). It is a hybrid of Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism, Nordic practicality and Asian traditions.


Precious talismans: More than simple jewels…

Since ancient times, jewelry has had not only an aesthetic function but also an intimate, even sacred meaning. The magnificent appearance of jewels appeals to us, yet we appreciate the meaning inherent in the symbol of their form.


All for exclusivity: designer jewelry for luxury connoisseurs

When we choose a piece of jewelry, we are looking for something unique, we want to emphasize our individuality and original style. Even a simple basic image is so easy to turn into something interesting and non-trivial by adding such special piquant details to it.


Ear 2022 of the tiger — a purrfect year

According to the Chinese calendar, the next year will be held under the sign of the Tiger and it will last from February 1, 2022 to January 21, 2023. What does this regal graceful predator symbolize?


Blue is the new black

The Pantone Color Institute has announced the main colors of the 2021/2022 winter, and there are several shades of blue among them. This is not the first time the blue color has become popular: the fashionable history of this color dates back to the distant Middle Ages.


Wear diamonds

Back in the first century AD, Pliny said: "Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world." What is so magical and special about this transparent sparkling mineral?


First class performance: beige and knitwear, two main trends of the AW season

What are your associations with the cold season? We bet it is watching your favorite TV series, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls. In autumn and winter, it is almost a necessity to surround yourself with something as cozy and warm as possible, and this applies not only to the home environment, but also to the wardrobe.


Building basic jewelry wardrobe

What jewelry is the most relevant and universal today? How can you complement absolutely any casual look?



Bright and mysterious, indomitable and gentle, Autumn Girl seems to be born to wear exciting animal prints, the most delicious colors and the most "wild" jewelry made of wood, amber and leather.



Modern femininity is no longer about tenderness, softness and submission. Today, girls and women openly express their desires, work and achieve their goals: for them, it can not even be imagined that things could be otherwise. Don't be afraid to be bright, create a little more extravagant images, experiment with style, combining stilettos with...

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