The mysterious charm of black diamonds


Diamond is always about luxury, status and wealth, and black diamonds are luxury squared.

The mysterious charm of black diamonds

Diamond is always about luxury, status and wealth.

Black diamonds are luxury squared.

Mysteriously shimmering gems remind us of an inky night sky studded with myriads of stars. Fancy black diamonds retain some transparency and have a characteristic "silky" shine.

This stone was introduced into the trend back in the mid-1990s by Geneva jeweler  Fawaz Gruosi. Jewelry with black diamonds was worn by many movie divas and socialites, wives of billionaires and supermodels. The de GRISOGONO jewelry house, headed by Gruosi, started the fashion for this stone.

Who is suitable for this stone from the point of view of astrology?

According to esoteric teachings, black diamonds can bring their owner good luck and wealth. This is especially true for those stones that have been inlaid in jewelry.

According to astrologers, a black diamond has a positive effect on such zodiac signs as Leo, Taurus and Libra. Capricorn and Cancer under the influence of this mineral can achieve great success in any sphere.

The most famous black diamond

The most famous black diamond is the stunning Korloff. Just imagine, this diamond weighs as much as 88 carats! A century ago, it belonged to the Russian noble family of Korloff-Sapozhnikov. It seems that the amazing stone was indeed able to bring good luck to its owners. After the revolution of 1917, the Korlov family left Russia. They managed to export their family jewels, among which was this magnificent black diamond.

Already in 1920 the stone was sold in Antwerp, and during the entire twentieth century it changed hands several times, changed owners, but in 1978 it was purchased by the French jeweller Daniel Paylaser, which was a key turning point in the fate of the stone. Paylaser founded his own jewelry house, giving it the name of the diamond - Korloff, and the stone from "just a jewel", from a piece of jewelry, became a real symbol.

To date, the Korloff Noir is the only cut black diamond. Its weight before the cut was 421 carats, after the cut - 88 carats. In addition, the stone has 57 facets, and the Korloff jewelry house received a patent for such a cut.

For those who love both classics and trends

We offer you a selection of exquisite gold jewelry with black diamonds. The laconic pieces are made in strict hermetic design and encrusted with a scatter of black diamonds.

Jewelry with this mysterious gem looks enchanting and seduce with its exquisite shimmer. Wear these gold earrings and rings both during the day with a white shirt and in the evening with a little black dress. And how delightful they will be with smoky eye makeup.



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