Advantages of trading through jewelry marketplace

Vendor's personal account


Orders, detailed reports and sales forecasts

We provide the most complete information about your sales in detailed reports and charts.


Products and integration with the accounting system

Easily manage your merchandise and personal brand page.

Vendor's personal page


Brand Showcase

Design your store page for the Sapsana app and website


Professional marketing

Large set of marketing tools: brand blog, selections and collections, banners, links, internal search

Join in!

Thousands of customers around the world are waiting for your products

Here on SAPSANA we have no product cards but passports of artwork. We put beauty first, shopping at SAPSANA is an aesthetic pleasure. That's a good reason to join our team. We are waiting for you.

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Don't worry about customer service and delivery.
We'll do everything we can to make sure your beauty finds its buyer.

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