For many decades it has been famous fashion houses who were the world’s trendsetters, but today this role belongs to the...

For many decades it has been famous fashion houses who were the world’s trendsetters, but today this role belongs to the most popular people of the world: celebrities, top bloggers, and IT-girls. For example, Kate Moss showed that you can wear a black dress over a white T-shirt, and Bella Hadid returned the fashion for bangs.

The influencers' power has spread not only to the clothes, but also to trends in jewelry. What do the stars complement their outfits with?

Meghan Markle — cuff bracelets

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, likes to complement her looks with several hoop bracelets in a modern design, which perfectly fits into her "modern classic" style. Try to add a pair of minimalistic bracelets in different shades of metal to your outfit and see how your image sparkles with new colors and instantly become more elevated and high-profile.

Jennifer Lopez — hoops

This renowned singer's style can be described as bright, sexy and attractive. Jennifer Lopez is not afraid of accenting her look at the same remaining true to her favorite accessory — voluminous hoops. She wore them at the beginning of her career and still prefers them to this day. If you do not risk wearing earrings too large in diameter, try putting on small hoops that will blend seamlessly into everyday looks

Ariana Grande — a choker

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers today; millions of fans around the world want to steal her look. Ariana is not afraid of wearing ultra-high boots, crop tops and mini skirts, complementing such an eccentric outfit with equally remarkable jewelry. Quite often, she can be seen wearing choker necklaces of various designs. If you have not tried to combine this accessory with your favorite clothes, summer is the perfect time to venture to try something new. A long sundress, a voluminous denim jacket or a cropped top will look much more interesting when combined with a choker.

Gigi Hadid — ring sets

When it comes to fashion, Gigi Hadid is a true rebel. One of the most successful and popular models of our time managed to mix a cocktail of different styles: she gets her inspiration from boho style, grunge and sports chic, and she is not afraid of total denim looks. Gigi likes to wear several thin rings on one hand at once: such sets have been one of the main jewelry trends for many seasons.

Tina Kunakey — voluminous earrings

The famous model, who has recently become the wife of Vincent Cassel, is an ambassador of the French brands Dior, Balmain and Louis Vuitton and is one of the most welcome guests at fashion weeks. Tina likes to combine extravagant prints with calm, minimalistic wardrobe items. She can often be seen wearing large earrings, which do a good job emphasizing her exotic beauty. These earrings will look great on girls with a bright contrasting complexion and expressive facial features.


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