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American large city dwellers have the term "work wife". What's a work spouse?

American large city dwellers have the term "work wife". What's a work spouse?

It's a "colleague you have a strong friendship with and with whom you have a bond that resembles that of a married couple," according to the job search engine

Hired, which surveyed 1,001 full-time employees on the subject. And this is not about romantic relationships. A working wife (or husband) is a colleague who will always help out with a project, bring you coffee, or share a sweet gift from clients.

A clear sign that you have such a "spouse" is that your boss, wanting to see one of you, asks the other where to find you. You share personal secrets with each other, and sometimes — well, it happens! — gossip about other colleagues. With such a wife (or husband), you can survive any crysis!

Of course, such a friend is worth thanking for his invaluable help at work. Even if your "relationship" is limited to working hours, gratitude and warmth remain in your heart forever.

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