Every season, designers offer us a variety of trends: waist bags, stocking boots, voluminous knitted vests and whatnot.

Every season, designers offer us a variety of trends: waist bags, stocking boots, voluminous knitted vests and whatnot. The Pantone Color Institute annually selects a palette of the most fashionable colors, street style bloggers are making reviews of the most popular clothing stores, while Zara, the well-known retail chain, makes new collections several times a month. This endless colorful kaleidoscope of trends and anti-trends, brands and outfits, can make your head spin. Is it worth studying all this meticulously to be stylish?

We believe it is not. The fast fashion trends are just small fragments of the whole picture: they rapidly emerge to vanish into thin air in a couple of months.

So what should you pay attention to when creating your own style and making up a wardrobe? It would be enough if you watch the so-called macro trends that form the basis of modern fashion. What global fashion trends stand out today?


Fashion is cyclical: draw inspiration from silhouettes, prints and unusual color combinations from images of bygone eras. It does not matter whether you choose the freedom and eclecticism of the 70s, or the 60s with their fashion for large jewelry and space motifs, or mix the trends of several decades to get your own stylish cocktail. The choice is yours!

The Sacral collection will perfectly fit into any retro look adding a touch of boho chic to it.


To look natural, add to your wardrobe more voluminous things that hang loosely, and go for natural fabrics and clothes of natural pastel colors. The easiest way to create this look is to pay attention to the clothes in the pajama style: this outfit will be incredibly comfortable, stylish, with a touch of carelessness.

To keep this simple outfit eye-catching, add some geometric rings, and do not be afraid to put several rings on one finger.


So much has already been said about this trend that it would make a whole encyclopedia in several volumes. It is important to remember that minimalism in its purest form does not fit everyone, and if your appearance does not let you have a completely simple and concise image, then feel free to dilute it with active accessories.

The Sacral collection goes with most of the trending outfits, while having its own unique character. You will easily find a clear geometry and conciseness, ethnic motifs, architectural rigor, and clarity of lines.


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